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Wear and Tear Conditions:-

  • Antidote uses genuine leather and leather cords in making of its products.
  • We do not give any type of guarantee for the leather, the leather cord & the plating done on the jewellery.
  • Leather is a natural material, so a slight change in the colour and texture is bound to happen with the usage.
  • The cracks on the leather will eventually come as it is the characteristic of any leather. No two products will be identical as each leather skin is different to the other and will also have unique skin marks. These marks and scratches cannot be considered as defects or rejects
  • Gold Plating on the jewellery, although done in high quality will fade away with time and Antidote will not bear any responsibility for the discoloration or any physical damage occurring on the product once the product has been sold.
  • Antidote products are hand crafted hence no two products are similar in their absolute measurements.
  • No two of our products will be identical as all Antidote products are handcrafted, making each product unique in its own aspect.
  • Antidote uses high quality hardware, but it might be a possibility that the metal hardware loses its shine and polish might chip off due to over usage of the product or mishandling by the customer and Antidote cannot be held responsible for it.
  • There will be slight color variation in the product when seen physically through eyes as compared to the monitor.

Product Availability:-

Some products may be unavailable or out of stock at some point of time due to huge demand .

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